God Changes Lives

Ron WoolseyMichael Carducci, and Danielle Harrison are living proof that God changes lives when we call out to Him, invite Him in, fully submit our will and abide in Him. No greater joy has been experienced in our lives than that which has freed us from the chains of homosexuality.

We uplift Jesus in presenting our unified ministry; ‘Coming Out’ Ministries. God called us out of the darkness into the light and it is because of this blessed experience that we celebrate ‘Coming Out.’ We are united in our belief that we are a New Creation ‛in Jesus. (2 Corinthians 5:17) Any claim other than one that glorifies God falls short of His intended plan for us.

To be a gay Christian, a gay Adventist or a homosexually oriented Christian, places an emphasis on self and temptation; suggesting a handicap or disclaimer. Addressing sexual sin has been a challenge to all Christian faiths. Ignorance has resulted in silence. Due to the lack of knowledge, there has been fear and skepticism about reaching out. But silence is not an option when Satan is gaining momentum each day deceiving those who will live according to feelings rather than every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. In praise and glory to God, these four redeemed souls have been plucked from the burning and have joined in a united front to provide education, hope and personal stories of God’s redemptive process.


There is Great Hope for Those Who are Confused

There is great hope for those who are confused, not realizing how to claim the strength and power of God that is available to all. As servants and warriors for Christ, each of us seek to make ourselves available to churches, schools and organizations who are seeking answers and education.

Contained on this site is a synopsis of the focus each of us bring to discussing and understanding God’s redemptive process for gays/homosexuals. Every audience we have encountered has received the additional blessing of realizing how God’s generous healing for the sexually impure is parallel to the healing process of all sin. Jesus doesn’t provide a mere partial healing. He doesn’t suggest that we exchange one sexual identity for another. Who we are in Jesus, is not a sexual identity. Over thousands of years, Satan has sought to counterfeit God’s intimate gifts with self-centered indulgences. God gave this intimate gift only to be shared within the confines of His perfect plan for men and women. It is not the only plan for His precious children, but is the only one He condones regarding sexual intimacy.

At the costly risk of ignorance, many who do not understand gay/homosexual deceptions, are apt to provide affirmation and sympathy rather than the hope and healing that God would have us share with this natural, yet sinful inclination. Jesus died so that ALL sinners might have freedom through Him. In each moment of every day, He asks that we surrender our will to Him. This is a faith and trust experience. Truth must outweigh our feelings. Feelings have misguided souls through self-truth deceptions since creation. When we choose to live in accordance to the plan of salvation Jesus offers us, He sends His Holy Spirit to influence our thoughts and decisions. Philippians 4:13 promises that we can do all things through Him that strengthens us.

Our great and loving heavenly Father promises this.