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To ignite an unquenchable movement restoring all men and women back to the image of their Creator God.


Our Mission

We hear a sea of voices screaming for acceptance, but in their pain failing to see their need of intimacy with God that alone can bring true belonging.  ‘Coming Out’ Ministries meets this crisis by sharing their personal journeys, compassion, and the truth of God to bring restoration and liberty to those struggling with sexuality, identity, or brokenness.


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How We Were Founded

‘Coming Out’ Ministries was started back in 2010 by 5 people that came out of homosexual practice and culture, who believed that many voices of deliverance would be more powerful than just one.  For this reason, we came together and formed ‘Coming Out’ Ministries. 

It didn’t take long to see the need for this voice in Christianity.  As we started to tell our stories, many people began to confess that they had family and or friends that were in LGBT lives and they were relieved that the church was finally starting to talk about it.  

We saw a need to clear up the confusion in Christianity by addressing two common misunderstandings about God. #1- God gives His blessings to LGBT individuals and it’s okay to be gay, and #2- God wants nothing to do with LGBT people and they are banished from His love.

There were also those who came forward recognizing that they didn’t struggle with LGBT issues but our ministry was speaking to them as well about their own secret sins.  

At 'Coming Out' Ministries, we see the bigger picture is reflected in our mission statement, to “restore all men and women back to the image of their Creator God.”



Earlier this year, I found myself questioning my sexual orientation and struggling with homosexuality, but by the grace of God and this ministry, I was able to reinforce who I am in my spiritual and sexual identity and avoid the trap of sin. Thank you for this ministry and for spreading the Word of God. There are many people who need a ministry like this!




Our Programs

‘Coming Out’ Ministries seminars address the LGBT conversation head on.  As they do they illuminate the sin issue in general.  Their message is built on the foundation of their own personal testimonies, giving clarity and relevance to their approach.  Most of all, they focus on the solution to all temptation and sin which is Jesus Christ. 



We have three Senior Speakers and we are also training new Associates; individuals working their way into the ministry under mentorship.  We are available for speaking events in any combination of speakers based on the interest of the inviting party. We believe that multiple voices lend strength to the message and thereby we suggest involving two or more speakers.  Feel free to check out our “Team" page to learn a little bit about our Senior Speakers. Visit the “Resource” page to hear some of their presentations.

Seminar Length

There are many ways to plan your event. Options include; one day, weekend, or week long seminars. To offset costs, we can partner multiple events together. One example of this is speaking at the local church school in the morning while speaking at two or three area churches in the evening. Working together with area churches helps to maximize the impact on the community.

Event Locations

Common seminar locations include; churches, camp meetings, schools, Week-of-Prayer's, retreats for pastors, youth, young adults, woman’s/men’s ministries, singles ministries, etc.  We also speak at secular events and universities.  We do our best to accommodate every invitation.


Due to advertising and preparation, we prefer to book 3-9 months in advance.  Planning ahead allows you to schedule the right speakers for your event.  For this reason, getting a date on the calendar is our first priorities in order to secure your engagement.  Please visit our “Contact” page to submit your request.


We have a suggested fee schedule for events which includes speakers fees, travel, accommodations, and any other expenses related to the seminar.  Please request the copy of the fee schedule via our “Contact” page.