I lived defined as “gay” for over twenty years. I was transgendered since I was four years old and Same-Sex Attracted from the time I was thirteen years old. I prayed for right feelings and attractions, and I also prayed to die. There was no one I could talk to. Eventually, I turned my back on God and busted the doors of the gay culture wide open. I lived my life without any control. Proverbs 27:7 says the full soul loathes honeycomb; but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet. My sisters were relentless in their prayers for me. Jesus pursued me and I opened my heart to His tender, loving call. He accepted me and promised to walk with me on this journey. Joel 2:25 promises us that Jesus will restore the years that the locust hath eaten. Today I live to share of what is possible through Jesus.


1) Testimony: "Becoming A Man" - The testimony of Michael Carducci and the transforming power and redemption that comes from Jesus Christ to redeem from sexual sin and addction.

2) "The Lost Father" - Looking at the lost perspective of a loving father through post-modern relationships and how to restore the true image of God as a loving Father.

3) "TRANS-formation" - A presentation about the identity of transgenderism in our culture and how to relate and redeem all types of identity in the church.

4) "I Want Out!" - A presentation about how to stay clean once you have found victory showing practical tools and tips for staying connected to God.

5) "Why Wait?" - A presentation about how biblical sex is God's blessing and the profound effect it has in church and in the home and community. Also shows the damage of sexuality according to the world can be not only to the Christian, but the effect it has as an individual and to the community.

6) "Who Told You That You Were Naked?" - A presentation about rebellion in society and where it began and how God will redeem it in us through His love and power.

7) "Blessed Sex" - A presentation that talks about God's intention for intimacy and how that is expressed in comparisson to what the world describes as human sexuality.

8) "Light & Love" - A presentation about truth that has been lost through the misguided message that Love usurps truth establishing that truth IS the ultimate expression of love and without it, there would only be darkness and confusion.

9) "LGBTQ Issues And The Church" - This presentation will address the monumental movement of LGBTQ rights and the effect it will have on the church. To meet the profound responsability that the church has, to finally address the issue openly but with compassion that doesn't compromise the Word of God. Changing old responses from the church that have shaped the current reputation of Christianity in secular culture.



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